Higher Logic Thrive Community: Post-Launch Strategies

Congratulations on the Successful Launch of your Higher Logic Thrive Community! 


Now that your community is up and running, you might be wondering what's next. We are here to provide the guidance and support you need to make your community thrive. Take a moment to explore each of the sections below, where you will find our expert recommendations to support your role as a community leader and ensure the continued success of your community.




Manage your Higher Logic Thrive Community 

At Higher Logic, we understand the importance of effective community management and the impact it can have on your online community. The Higher Logic Thrive Online Community offers features and functionalities designed to empower you as a community manager. The recommendations below can help you nurture and foster vibrant communities, facilitate meaningful interactions, and create a sense of belonging among your community members. 

Engagement Strategies:
  • As your community grows, focus on how your members engage and the topics they are discussing. How will your organization manage unanswered questions? Will you have a group of volunteers or super users assist with community content? These are considerations to explore with time.
  • Share with your members how they can best use the platform to engage, network, and connect. Here are some popular tips we see members wanting to learn more about: 
    • How to search the Community.
    • How to find a member in the Directory.
    • How to download the Community App.
    • How to update their profile for networking.
    • How to attain badges or ribbons.
  • Continue to promote your community:
    • Incorporate community into your member onboarding communications.
    • What segment(s) of your members would benefit from using the community the most? Send them targeted communication encouraging them to become early adopters/champions of the platform using Higher Logic Thrive Marketing, Automation Rule emails, and other promotional channels your organization uses. 

Reporting Best Practices

As a community professional, it is likely that you will already be exploring the best reports to gain valuable insights into the health, performance, and engagement levels within your community. This section will review the essential best practices for online community reporting, empowering you to make informed decisions when tailoring strategies to better serve your members and identify areas for improvement.

Top five reports for tracking community health & engagement: Although these are recommendations, analyzing what reports matter for your organization is important. 

  • Login Counts: This report displays a list of unique and total number of logins from members. 
  • Agreed to Terms by Month: This report displays how many members have agreed to terms each month, as well as since inception. 
  • All Threads Activity: This report displays community engagement, including total discussion posts, replies, and new threads. 
  • Threads: This report displays the details of threads, such as replies, recommends, and following. 
  • Library Entry Access History Summary: This report details library entries such as views, downloads, comments, and shares. 

Reporting tools to explore: 

  • List Builder is a great tool to get a live look at what’s happening in your community, drill down for behaviors of specific member segments, and learn the story of how users engage with your community 
  • Scheduled Reports are a new feature where you can schedule reports to automatically run Monthly, Weekly, or One-Time. As you review reports to pull, you can filter by the curated list of reports that Higher Logic Community Consultants and Analysts have hand-selected as best practices. 



Features to Explore

Higher Logic Thrive Online Community offers a range of functionalities to enhance your community management efforts further. Leverage these features to take your community to the next level:

Automation Rules:

  • There are various categories of automation rules that you can schedule to decrease the amount of time you spend on everyday tasks.
  • We have listed our top automation rules to schedule and connect with your members in different parts of their community journey.


  • Create and assign ribbons to identify leaders, staff, and volunteers within the community. 
  • Create and assign badges to reward members based on their engagement and contribution to the community. 
  • Evaluate engagement points criteria and adjust scores based on the type of engagement you'd like to reward your members.

Further Considerations: 

  • With List Builder, you can create personalized queries to find members in your community who meet specific criteria. This allows you to export data for reporting, add additional criteria to an automation rule, or create targeted groups to send to Higher Logic Thrive Marketing Professional.
  • Manage Digest Email Templates by updating the header, logo, colors, or custom links. As you are viewing the options in this section, you can control the type of content you'd like to include and where it can be displayed in each digest as well as where some content can be displayed. 
  • Configure and launch the Higher Logic Connected Community App to enable community engagement wherever your members are.
  • Build and enable the Smart Newsletter to automatically send customized emails to your community members.

Higher Logic is here to support your community's success

What's next? 

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